Success Stories

You may have read what Doctors and tests have determined about Vilantae, now read testimonials from actual acne sufferers and how Vilantae has helped change their lives.

“Well worth trying. I feel I have gotten almost as much oil and acne reduction as when I was on Accutane-WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS.”Robin Emrich, 47

“This is a miracle, I can not believe no one knows about this. It works better than Accutane, Tetrecyclene, and all the other products I have used. I wish that every teenager knew about this so they would not have to suffer through years of heartache like I have. This also has made my pores smaller and is just amazing. I thank god I looked this up on the internet. Thank you for the product.”Sandra West, 54

“Definitely try it, you have nothing to lose but your acne!”Johanna Meyer, 29

“I am really happy with the time it has saved me trying to find the perfect cleansers and concealers. Sometimes I even look better without makeup.”Jeanne Wear, 25

“I LOVE this stuff!!!!!!!!!!! This product is AWESOME!!!! I have wasted so much money on skin care products with lame results. I’m telling anyone and everyone. THANK YOU!!”Cody Arceneaux, 34

“It is definitely worth the try!!! It really works!”Deborah Gimbert, 25

“You will find your skin problem will be cleared up within a few weeks of use. You won’t have to keep searching for topical products that don’t work and you can save money. I was a acne rosacea suffer for many years and after less than a month my skin is clear. God bless you. I will not be running from one product to another ever again. Thank you”Sharon Schott, 54

“It is certainly worth a try to see if it can help. It is better than the alternatives such as Accutane or even a constant diet of antibiotics, because it works naturally with your body and treats the underlying problem rather than the symptom.”

Debra Cross, 46

“I feel very fortunate to have discovered this product and as a business owner who has to be around people, and be the sales manager I feel so much more confidant and able to not feel insecure when people are looking at me.”

Jason Kamdar, 32

“Thank you i have spent no joke at least a million dollars in products, derm visits, and doc advice. I have had acne since the third grade and it was severe, as i got older it started to lighten up but only by about 5% then i found hope 8yrs later. Im now not embrassed to go outside or to look at guys. people think that i am pretty. I have never had that told to me. I never thought that something so simple could have such a big effect on my face. you have truely helped me and now i want to help you. Without this invention i would have never fulfilled my dream. I entered a pageant and I was told over and over that I was the most beautiful young lady on stage. thank you again.”

Shauwna Tutt, 16

“I began taking it, and at the end of the first bottle I knew this stuff really worked. My skin was clearing up and fewer pimples were forming. Even blackheads seem to reduce. And since fewer zits are coming up my face actually has time to get rid of old scars and blemishes before a new one takes its place. My skin keeps getting better and for the first time in over 10 years I think my skin is actually going to become perfect and stay that way. Nothing has ever reduced my acne this well.”

Matthew Theisen, 23

“I would just like to say that I find your website and information there extraordinary. You guys seem to be more than just a “money making” company. I feel that you really want to help, and so far, ALL OF THE PRODUCTS I have gotten from you are REALLY GREAT. So, thank you. I really appreciate all the wonderful information I have gotten from your website, and I appreciate your honesty. I trust your website and would recommend it!”

D. Schneider, 34

“This really works! I’ve tried everything available for the past 30 years. The only thing that really worked to clear my complexion, with virtually no side effects. Plus, I felt great taking a natural product.”

Debra Arnold, 57

“I have seen great improvement with my skin, and I am waiting to be acne free. And Thank you for somthing so positive and life changing.”

Rose Darbouze, 26

“I would say “buy” because I believe this product is safe, effective, and reasonably priced.”

Grey Johnson, 19

“I would recommend that they try it because after 25 days I have already noticed a difference and with the guarantee you have nothing to lose.”

Steve H, 34

“I HIGHLY reccomend this product for acne. I had moderate acne, and after using it for the first I already noticed the difference! I have been using it for a month now, and it’s great. Just buy at least one bottle and give it a try…you will get results!”

Lisa Bermoy, 28

“After trying many, many topical treatments for years, with very minimal success, my skin is consistently improving.”

Angela S., 34

“With a money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Americans usually look for the ‘magic pill’ that will cure everything and do it in a matter of hours. This supplement is no such thing, it takes time and patience. However, after a month, I’ve seen a drastic reduction of skin oils and I’m very happy with its results so far.”

Joshua Stateham, 21

“It really works. I noticed a difference after the first day. I was getting cystic pimples popping up everyday but after the first day it didn’t pop up the next day.”

Nira Bounlutay, 30

“This is a great way to fight acne. It inspired me to start taking other vitamins, and I think it has made me healthier. I have no side effects at all! I think anyone who has problems should at least give it a try.”

Julie V, 23

“This is the best treatment I have ever used in the 17 years or so that I have suffered from acne. I have used every single over the counter and prescription medication available, including Accutane, retin-a, differin, and antibiotics. None of them were as effective and they all had more side effects.”

Miriam Kenanah, 30

“Just Try It, I have used almost everything on the market topically and orally, and i was getting desperate and after 3 yrs of having acne and it only get worse and worse its finally clearing up, this is a great product.”

Matt Mascho, 19

“Definitely give it a try. My daughter had amazing results in less that 3 weeks and now is maintaining a clear complexion for over 4 weeks.”

Cindi Carper, 46

“Thanks again for your help, You guys definetly need to publicize your product more, I believe you could help many people. I have recommended several to your site, and I’m sure they will try it from the rave reviews I’ve given them. But do you know what? When you find a product that works, it’s like a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders.”

Devin H, 21

“Absolutely try this!!! It is the easiest most effective treatment I have tried, it changed my struggle with acne to a nearly non existant one. I am absolutely in love with the idea that I am only taking a water soluable B vitamin!! As a student working toward my Bachelors of science in natural health, this is VERY important to me. If your having any doubts-DON’T!! It works!!”

Molly Turner, 22

“This product is cheap and effective.”

Grey Johnson, 19

“Helpful as part of a total nutrition plan to reduce or cure acne.”

Eric Romesburg, 41

“This is far better than taking Accutane! I don’t want the needles or all the possible side effects.”

Alex Tesch, 16

“Thank you and thank you again I have gain new confidence. All my life I’ve had acne and I tried everything and nothing worked.”

Rose Darbouze, 26

“Best product out there, everyone out there should take it and the results are awesome!”

Daniel Garica, 21